2017 Infiniti Q60 S Red Sport 400 AWD 15 Spoke Wheels Rims / Set of 4 / IQ603


2017 Infiniti Q60 S Red Sport 400 AWD 15 Spoke Wheels Rims

Donor Car:

2017 Infiniti Q60S Red Sport 400 AWD

Physical Condition:

Includes the set of 4 wheels as shown. Includes the factory center caps. These are NOT equipped with the factory TPMS sensors. This set of wheels is being sold AS IS, for parts or refinishing purposes ONLY. The wheels were able to be fully tested on our wheel balancing machine with no major bends, however two of the wheels have heavier scrapes and gouges in the face of the wheel as shown. There are also large sections of curb rash and scuffing on the outer lip of the wheel. We suggest having the wheel professionally refinished prior to installation.

Cosmetic Condition:

These wheels are finished in the factory charcoal paint finish as shown. The paint finish has large sections of chipping and wear. As well as some lighter scratches and marks.


2017 Infiniti Q60S Red Sport 400 AWD

Fitment Information:

This style wheel was typically found on the 2017 Red Sport 400 models. All four wheels are identical in size because they were removed from an AWD equipped model.

These may fit other makes and models, please do your research regarding wheel sizing and fitment for your specific application prior to purchase.

Wheel Size : 19×9″ +37 offset

Wheel Part # D0C004HK3D

Shipping Information:

These wheels will ship in two seperate boxes with two distinct shipment tracking numbers.