2005 infiniti g35 coupe fuel gauge problem

2005 infiniti g35 coupe fuel gauge problem, been reading up on people with fuel gauge problems and I don’t seem to have a solution for this. At this point its time to replace an item and well they are pricey.

Here it goes….

This is on my 2005 AWD sedan, currently with 86k miles. I keep detailed MPG logs and know i’m about 300miles per tank before i have to fill up with 15-17 gallons of fuel.

About 10k miles ago, i noticed that my fuel gauge while driving would slowly increase or decrease. Normally this would happen when i’m near 1/4 of a tank. By that time i should be in the 200-300 miles driven, it would slowly go up to half way and normally stop at 3/4 tank. A few key cycles and it would go back. This would happen randomly at stop lights and etc. It slowly got more and more common to a point where my normal day would be start car with 1/4 tank of gas, drive 10 miles to work and end up with 3/4 tank of gas. I saw the DIY cleaning of the sensors in the fuel tank. I cleaned it, it had a lot of dirty stuff as most people posted. NO DICE. It did get a little better but not much more. It knew when i filled up all the way. FULL TANK was always full tank.

About 2k miles ago all hell went loose. My fuel gauge only works from FULL to 3/4 now. It would never go any lower. I figured the sensor was stuck up, pulled out both units and NOTHING was binding. Then i remembered if it was stuck, then it would be stuck at the same location, this wasn’t the problem. It moved from FULL to 3/4 give or take.

So now i’m kinda stuck here. Been reading around, i know there was a recall on my 03-04 M45 for the fuel gauge and the replacement was to replace the gauge cluster. I also seen on some postings here it was a suggestion option, all cars were under warranty so it was of no cost. It seems the common replacement was to replace both fuel units.

Pretty much is there anything I overlooked? Should i try something else? Replace the cluster or the fuel units? Driver’s unit is like $75-100 and Pass side is $375-425

My Notes on 2005 infiniti g35 coupe fuel gauge problem.

Fuel gauge has mind of its own. Doesn’t read right. I know for the fact i should have 1/4 tank of gas it will read 3/4. As time went on, now it only reads from FULL to 3/4 and nothing lower. Cleaned both fuel units inside tank TWICE and still have problem. Considering gauge cluster to be issue.

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