2007-2008 Nissan 350Z VQ35HR Engine Long Block / 128K 5Z020

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2007-2008 Nissan 350Z VQ35HR Engine Long Block

Donor Car:

2007 Nissan 350z Convertible Touring – 128K


In good running condition, fully tested and ran prior to removal from the vehicle. Engine idles smoothly at 900 rpm with no smoking upon start up. Engine revved smoothly with no misfires or hesitations. Compression tested with good results – (Driver – 210-205-205 / Passenger – 215-220-220). The engine did have some small oil leaks and residue from the valve cover gaskets and lower oil pan seal. We suggest replacing these seals and any other easy to access gasket while the engine is removed from the vehicle. Crank pulley spun smoothly with no wobbles or play. Oil and coolant have been drained with no excessive shavings or abnormalities.

Physical Condition:

In good physical condition, Engine block has not been hit or cracked in any way. Free off any major surface rusting or corrosion. Includes the engine long block, valve covers, coils, fuel rail, injectors, wiring harness, motor mount brackets, EGR Valve, crank pulley, intake manifold, throttle bodies, AC compressor, Power steering pump, and alternator as shown. You will need to reuse some of your existing hardware and components for installation.


2007, 2008 Nissan 350Z (w/ VQ35HR Engine)

Fitment Notes:

This engine was ONLY found in 2007-2008 350z models. Please confirm your vehicle is equipped with the VQ35HR engine with dual throttle bodies. Will NOT fit earlier models.

Removed from an automatic transmission equipped vehicle, however this can be used for manual transmission equipped models by reusing some of your existing components and wiring harness.

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This item will ship on a pallet via Fedex Freight to the Continental 48 States, Mexico and Canada. Please add the item to the cart to see the exact shipping costs associated with it. There will be two options for shipping, one without a liftgate equipped truck and one with a liftgate. If you have a business address with a loading dock, forklift or other means of unloading the pallet off of the delivery truck you will not need a liftgate equipped truck for delivery. If you have a residential address or are unsure about unloading the pallet from the truck please refer to the weight of the shipment above on this listing page, so you can make the decision on whether you will need a liftgate or not. For residential deliveries Fedex will contact you, at the phone number provided, to schedule an appointment for delivery. As with all freight companies they deliver to the curb, not inside, so please plan accordingly for your delivery.

Warranty Information

This engine comes with a 90 day warranty that begins on the day the engine is received by the buyer. The warranty covers the engine block, crankshaft, pistons, rods, bearings, oil pump, cylinder head, head gasket, camshafts, valves and lifters against any defects that prevent the engine from operating as intended from the factory or make noises consistent with damaged engine internals ( rod knock, spun bearings, etc). Every engine we list on eBay has been fully run tested, compression tested and when possible test driven to make sure it runs smoothly, makes no odd noises and does not overheat.

What is not included in the warranty is common wear and tear items such as: timing belt, water pump, thermostat, spark plugs, spark plug wires, sensors and seals. While these items were in working condition at the time of testing, their lifespan is usually shorter than the internals of the engine and are therefore not covered under warranty. If any seals or gaskets are leaking at the time the engine is being tested and removed, or any sensors broken or defective, they will be noted in the item description. No labor, diagnostic or towing costs will be covered under warranty. In the event of a warranty claim, please be prepared to supply pictures, video and/or a statement from a shop/mechanic to validate the claim. This warranty is non-transferrable. It is only applicable to the original purchaser.

Situations that will void the warranty:

Overheating of the engine. We install “heat indicator tabs” on every engine prior to shipping that show when an engine has been operated at a temperature significantly higher than normal operating temperature. If these tabs show signs of overheating, the warranty will be void. If the engine in your car is being replaced due to damage from an overheating condition please locate and fix the source of the issue prior to running your new engine.

Not running fresh oil and oil filter in the engine (these engines ship drained of all fluids).

Installation of an aftermarket turbocharger, supercharger or Nitrous Oxide kit.