Vortech V2 T-trim kit for a 350z with the Revup engine.


What’s included:
Vortech V2 T-trim blower a gear driven and oil fed heavy duty supercharger. 28/32 tooth cog setup. 3.12 jack shaft pulley currently installed Also included is a 2.87 pulley, with a stock balancer will make about 14i psi. The base vortech kit with 3.33 pulley on a Revup is supposed to make 440hp. These pullies can put you well above that with a good fuel system.
-One piece intake tube (nobody sells these anymore) and uprev maf gt sensor.
-TR 1245 intercooler with brackets to mount to stock front bumper.
-Tim Rod support rod and bracket to help prevent belt slip and flex.
-Check valve that goes between intake and brake booster.
-Intake to get the air filter through the cowl and behind the bumper cover. (will require cutting on your cowl).

Things you will still need:
-Upgraded Fuel system
-Two screws from your stock MAF sensor.